Fee: TK. 2,500 + VAT

(15% VAT is applicable in every course.)

Do you want to build your career in the big OUTSOURCING and FREELANCING world? You are heartily welcome to Colour Spray Institute to attend our outsourcing courses and get concrete knowledge about outsourcing.

1. Discuses about out sourcing /Freelancing? What is out sourcing /Freelancing?
2. Discuses about out sourcing platform.
3. Discuses about which type of category/ work have in our sourcing platform.
4. Discuses about which skill you need to work on out sourcing platform.
5. How to open ID.
6. We train white methods of freelancing
7. We give support to students until they become established in freelancing market
8. How to write cover letter.
9. We guide you to complete account with 100% in Upwork and Elance.
10. Your first 3 client’s interview will practically solve by us.
11. Every time you will get our support.
12. You will get an international master card in your own name without any fees.

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